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Under the motto of Bringing Politics and Technology Together, the Hochschule für Politik München /  Munich School of Politics examines the interactions among politics, the economy, society, and technology, seeking a multi- and transdisciplinary social scientific understanding of these interactions. In order to breathe life into this approach, we established in 2017 our signature event Munich Talks.

Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt

Munich Talks Founder





Our signature event

Putting the spotlight on political challenges and examining solution strategies: Munich Talks carries on the long tradition of the Hochschule für Politik München as a place of meeting for political science, political education and political practice. High-ranking scientists, well-known politicians and policymakers analyze current political developments and decision-making processes in political practice, making politics and political science a tangible experience for the general public.

José Manuel Barroso

11th President of the European Commission

„The European Union is a community of values – like freedom, democracy, human rights and we need to promote these values!“

July 13, 2017

Previous Speakers

Helen Margetts

Political Turbulence and the Democratic Landscape

Joseph Nye

Do Morals Matter in Foreign Policy?

Martha Nussbaum

Sexism and Misogyny: Poisons for Democratic Politics

Andrew Moravcsik

The End of the EU? Liberal Intergovernementalism in the Context of Current Crises

Lothar Wieler

A Virtual Conversation with RKI-President Prof. Lothar Wieler in Pandemic Times.

Helen Margetts

Professor of Society and the Internet at the Oxford Internet Institute

“I believe very strongly that politics and technology are inextricably intertwined, and that is what is driving political change at the moment.”

December 3, 2018


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